Thror’s Map

This was a little project I made a while ago using a feather quill and some paper that had been ‘aged’ using coffee. The aim was to recreate the map from The Hobbit, a popular book by J. R. R. Tolkien, known for his incredible trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”, the “Silmarillion”, “The Hobbit” and many other stories.

The project was using some dip inks I had just bought as I have an interest in Typography and fountain pens, and I wanted to try using some older techniques. Overall I spent just over 3 hours for the artwork and writing and enjoyed every minute of it, except the constant threat that the dip pen would release the river of ink it held in to a horrible blob on the page(10 points if you saw what I did there). I hope you like it as much as I do, I hope to eventually create a map of Middle Earth eventually, or perhaps just smaller segments of middle earth.

Thror’s Map (The Hobbit)

friendlyRobot flat design (Illustrator)

Illustrator is my preferred program for anything to do with design, but I am definitely less comfortable in it than I am with photoshop. To try and expand what I can do, I decided to have a go at making a simple old fashioned robot. One of my main tasks for this was to pick a colour scheme that wasn’t too harsh and each colour would compliment and work well with the surrounding environment. I had to simplify the design several times when it got complicated as I originally had more detail in the “eyes, mouth and nose” of the robot, so I took them out and went for the simple and tidy look I originally intended to do. The project took about 30 minutes in total including picking colours and redesigning half way through.


NOTE: The image seen here appears slightly more saturated than the original,

Ampersand (Photoshop Blending Tests)

As I recently got Photoshop and Illustrator again, I’ve been practising features that I haven’t used before just to get more familiar with the product. Today I made an Ampersand by using a circle brush with a gradient from top to bottom and using a path drawn with the pen tool and making a stroke using the gradient brush. Ampersand1

So it has been more than a year…

It has been a very long time since I last used the software so my skills are very rusty, but I made this little project in an hour today just to practise again. I don’t know if anyone visits this site now seeing as it was only a little thing back when I started it, but what the hell, let’s post it.

DeathBasketIsland3For anyone wondering, this is Hannibal Buress from “The Eric Andre Show”, and a reference to the “Morpheus” he made. Well, also mixed with the Kong Skull Island poster that was a right pain to change the colour of each item in with my rusty skills.

Sketchup Maxwell Rendering

Powertop 20 maxwell 2

So I went a little deeper with the 3d rendering, I made my wooden laptop idea in more detail. So the idea is it will be completely made of wood on the exterior, apart from brushed brass pins and a label on the back, and the leather handle on the front. The lid will clip down and won’t open by accident with the small locking device, and on the inside there is a keyboard made from a different wood type to add a nice 2-tone effect.

I might be making some more similar things soon with Sketchup Maxwell renderer, so if you like this be sure to come back soon.

3D modelling!

So today I got Google Sketchup and for my first project I designed a concept Wooden Laptop. I used Maxwell (Trial version, I’m not rich) and I made some, what I think, are amazing renders for my first day.Powertop 7 maxwell Powertop 8 maxwell Powertop 9 maxwell Powertop 10 maxwell Powertop 11 maxwell Powertop 12 maxwell